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Practical Information


The currency in Denmark is the krone (international abbreviation is DKK, Danish abbreviation is kr.)

Small shops, cafes and restaurants sometimes do not accept international credit cards, so we advice you to change some money to Danish cash for such purposes. Large, fancy shops accept payment in Euro, but this is not a general service.


During playing sessions, water, coeffe and tee is available for free. If you want any other kind of drinks, please feel free to bring your own! There is no sale of alcoholic beverages and only limited sale of soft drinks from a vending machine.

Internet access

The venue has internet access. We expect to set up a wireless connection for the convenience of all present.

No dress code

There is no dress code at the OEMC 2007.

Social playing

For social playing of mahjong outside sessions, we cannot provide mahjong games. We encourage you to bring some sets of your own!

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Tina Christensen
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Tina Christensen