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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Its population of 1.1 million makes it the largest city in Denmark, whose total population is 5.5 million. For a quick introduction to Copenhagen history, geography and more, check out Copenhagen on wikipedia

For some quick facts about Denmark check the Denmark fact sheet, courtesy of CIA, and BBC's country profile: Denmark.

Travel info

Coming by plane:
Copenhagen airport is Scandinavia's main airport serving as SAS's hub and thus as one of the Star Alliance hubs, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a connection. Getting from Copenhagen airport to the city itself is easy: the train from the airport leaves at least 3 times an hour, and the trip to Copenhagen Central Station takes only 13 minutes. You can also take a taxi of course. It'll cost you around DKK 300 ( 40), and it'll take around 15 minutes.

Coming by car:
Parking in Copenhagen is a nightmare, but free in the evening and the weekend. You will probably want a hotel with parking facilities. Write this on your registration form, and our conference service provider will look into the possibilities.
Copenhagen parking for tourists
Parking Guide brochure

Transport in Copenhagen and surroundings:
Public transport is quite well-developed in Copenhagen with a metro, and S-train system (sort of an older metro) and many busses. Buying one-ride tickets is not inexpensive though, so you might want to buy a tourist pass or multiride tickets (sold at any kiosk or station).
Another way of getting around town is renting a bicycle. Most streets have bicycle lanes, so getting around on a bike is really fast and convenient.

All About Copenhagen (aok.dk) - Hotels, cafes, restaurants, events, entertainment
Wonderful Copenhagen - The tourist office

Weather and Climate info

Climate statistics
The weather forecast for Copenhagen in English and German.

Various info

The Copenhagen Report - a blog that reports on life in Copenhagen.

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